Temporary Stay Visa

Requirementes For Temporary Stay Visa

1.  Letter addressed to the Consular Section stating the reasons to apply for Temporary Stay visa;

2.  Application form fully completed in capital lettes and black ink. Download the Angola visa application form;

3.  Passport with 12 months validity and 2 blank pages;

4.  three (3) recent colour passport photographs with the name on the back;

5.  Standard Criminal record (except minors) translated to portuguese (translation authenticated by a public notary and the Foreign Office in Milton Keynes).

6.  Letter from GP – Letter from the GP or the respective Health Centre stating that the applicant does not suffer from any infectious disease (original and a photocopy of the certificate (copy to be authenticated by the Consular Section));

7.  International Certificate of Vaccinations

8.  Proof of family relationship with an Angolan national or foreign citizens living legally in the country (citizens born in Angola do not require this proof);

9.  Proof of means of subsistence;

10.  Proof of accommodation (hotel reservation confirmation or other accommodation);

11.  Photocopy of passport’s main pages and pages containing information regarding the migratory flow;

12.  Declaration of commitment to obeying the laws in force in Angola (to be authenticated by the Consular Section). Fill online or download sample;


13. Term(s) of responsibility of the tutors, with notarised signatures;

14. Original and photocopy of passport or identity card of the tutors;

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