Tourist Visa

Requirements For Tourist Visa

1. Fully completed application form in capital letters and black ink. Download the Angola visa application form;

2.  A passport valid for at least 9 months and 2 blank pages

3. Two (2) recent colour passport photographs with the name on the back

4. EEC citizens are required to present proof of UK residence (Tenancy agreement, Council Tax, Water bill or Full UK Driving License)

5.  Non-British citizens must provide proof their legal status in the UK (British work visa, student visa, residence visa)

British citizens do NOT require proof of address.

6.  Means of subsistence, equivalent to USD 200.00 for each day of stay in Angola;

7.  Proof of accommodation in Angola (Hotel (paid) reservation);

8.  Employment:

Letter from Company addressed to the Consular Section declaring employment;

– Self-employed persons must present the latest Inland Revenue receipt/letter and a cover letter describing line of business.

– Unemployed persons must present a letter addressed to the Consular Section declaring unemployment and a letter from Department of Works and Pensions if receiving State Benefits.

9.  Students must present a letter from Educational Institution declaring enrolment and attendance

10. Photocopies of main pages of passport which contain information of the applicant’s migratory movements

11.  Itinerary (online, airline or travel agent pre-booking). Purchase of ticket is not necessary to apply for the visa

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