Ordinary Business Visa

Requirements For Ordinary Business Visa

1. Fuly completed application form in capital letters and black ink. Download the Angola visa application;

2. A passport with at least 9 months validity and 2 blank pages;

3. Two (2) recent colour passport photographs (glue one to application form and write your name on the back of the other);

4. Letter from employer (a short letter confirming employment and addressed to the Consular Section);

5.  Itinerary (online/airline/Travel Agent pre-booking). It is not necessary to purchase the ticket to apply for a visa.

6. Standard Criminal Record – NO LONGER NECESSARY;

PROOF OF ADDRESS British citizens do not require proof of address

ECC Citizens must provide one proof of UK residence (original and photocopy):

– Tenancy agreement
– Council Tax
– Water bill
– Full UK Driving License (send copy of license and counterpart, NOT the License)

In addtion to the above, Non-British citizens must ALSO provide proof of their legal status in the UK:

– British Work visa
– Student visa
– Residence visa

The invitation letters MUST be annexed to the visa application form. Copies in PDF or TIFF format can be sent to the Consular Section by e-mail. Files larger than 2MB will not be accepted.

– E-mail: letters@angolaembassyvisa.co.uk

Angolan chartered Companies inviting for the first time must provide all of the following documents:

1. Copy of Commercial License.

2. Copy of last Industrial Tax receipt.

3. Copy of registration of the Company.

4. Publication of the Registry Company in the “Diário da República”.

Companies that have previously used our services do not need to send these documents.
The Consular Section reserves the right to require all documents at any time

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