Privileged Visa

Requirements For Privileged Visa

1. Letter addressed to the Consular Section stating the reason to apply for the visa, authenticated by a Public Notary and recognised by this Consular Section;

2. Application form fully completed with capital letters and black ink and signed by the passport holder. Download the Angola visa application form;

3. Passport valid for more than 18 months and 2 free pages;

4. Photocopy of passport pages containing information regarding the migratory flow (recent visas to Angola (max 2) and other visas (in conjunction with angolan visas to complete 4 or 4 other visas if never been in Angola);;

5.  Three (3) photographs, recent and in colour, on white background and without sunglasses (except for proven medical recommendation).  A photograph should be affixed to the form;

6. Standard Criminal record – Subject Access (Met Police) or Police Certificate (ACRO Criminal Records Office), translated to Portuguese, authenticated by a notary public and the Foreign Office in Milton Keynes;

7. Declaration of commitment to obeying the laws in force in Angola (authenticated by the Consular Section) click here for sample;

8. Medical Certificate, issued by the respective Health Centre (GP) in which certifies that the applicant does not suffer from any infectious disease, translated to Portuguese and authenticated by a public notary and the Foreign Office in Milton Keynes;

9. Power of Attorney to the person or institution whom represents the investors in Angola, if any, translated to portuguese, authenticated by a Public Notary and the Foreign Office in Milton Keynes and recognized by this Consular Section;

Important information
When filling the application form please fill all fields of page one and three. Signature and date of submission is mandatory. If necessary fill relevant fileds of page two. All documents required must be presented. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in delays or rejection of the application.

Where necessary, the Consular Section reserves the right to request the submission of other documents, as well as an invitation to interview.

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