Angola Ordinary Visas
Visas for Family affairs, holidays.
Angola Ordinary VisaRequirements| Apply Online
Angola Ordinary Business Visas
Angola Visas for Business contacts, meetings, conferences and charity.
Angola Ordinary Business VisaRequirements | Apply Online
Angola Short-Term Visas
Angola Visas for urgent meetings, conferences, medical circumstances or casualties, deaths, etc. Technicians requested to repair machinery in the oil sector or sailors joining a ship docked in Angolan ports.
Angola Short-Term Visa Requirements | Apply Online 

Angola Tourist Visas
Angola Visas for tourism; leisure, sport, cultural activities.
Angola Tourist Visa Requirements|Apply Online
Angola Transit Visas
Angola Visas for stopover in Angola.
Angola Transit Visa Requirements|Apply Online
Angola Work Visas
Angola Visas for temporary authorized employment, for public or private companies.
Angola Work Visa Requirements|Apply Online
Angola Residence Permit Visas
Angola Visas for to establish residency in Angola.
Angola Residence Permit VisaRequirements | Apply Online
Angola Temporary Stay VisasAngola Visas for  humanitarian reasons, mission for a religious institution, scientific research, companion/family member of the holder of a Study Visa, Visa for Medical Treatment, Privileged Visa, Work Visa, family member of the holder of a valid residence permit, spouse of an Angolan national.
Angola Temporary Stay VisaRequirements | Apply Online
Angola Privileged VisasImplementation of the approved investment, in accordance with the Private Investment Law.
Angola Privileged VisaRequirements| Apply Online
Angola Student Visas
To enrol educational programs in primary/secondary public of private schools or vocational schools or studies for obtaining an academic degree, to take an internship in public of private companies.
Angola Student Visa Requirements|Apply Online
Angola Visa For Medical Treatment
To undergo medical treatment in a public of private medical unit.
Angola Visa For Medical TreatmentRequirements | Apply Online

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