Angola & Portugal Speed Up Visa Processes in Bilateral Agreement

Angola and Portugal have approved and signed, on 15th September, a bilateral agreement that will simplify and speed up the processing of visas for travel between the two countries, in a move designed to cut bureaucracy, strengthen and facilitate growth and investment their already significant economic ties for their respective nationals.

Angolans have been frustrated with the visa process, while many Portuguese have had to wait months for business visas or work permits, with many of them rejected after the wait.

The deal would allow for the issuing of two new visas.

– A multiple-entry short-term business visa for stays of up to 90 days per entry within a six-month period.

– A multiple-entry long-term work permit will allow stays of up to 12 months per entry.

Both visas will be valid for travel for up to three years, compared to the previous one year, though in Portugal, the long-term visa will be issued in 12-month increments and must be renewed from within the country. The visas will also benefit from expedited processing.

The short-term visa will be processed in a maximum of eight days. The long-term work visa will be processed in a maximum of 30 days. Visa renewals and extensions will be processed in up to five business days.

“This deal will make things a lot easier, and I would consider it revolutionary for the movement of people and goods between the countries,” Angolan Foreign Minister George Chikoti told reporters after signing the agreement in Lisbon.

There have also been media reports that Angola and Norway are considering a similar bilateral agreement as well as Brazil and Angola.


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