Angola Visas

As an accredited agency, we may submit your Angola visa to the consular section for British Citizens, EEA Citizens and Non-EC citizens resident in the UK. Contact iam(immigration and migration) if you have any queries on your UK immigration status.

You can make your Angola visa applications to us in person, through registered mail or we can arrange for collection and delivery.

Angola Ordinary Visas
Visas for Family affairs, holidays.
Angola Ordinary VisaRequirements | Apply Online
Angola Ordinary Business Visas
Angola Visas for Business contacts, meetings, conferences and charity.
Angola Ordinary Business VisaRequirements | Apply Online
Angola Short-Term Visas
Angola Visas for urgent meetings, conferences, medical circumstances or casualties, deaths, etc. Technicians requested to repair machinery in the oil sector or sailors joining a ship docked in Angolan ports.
Angola Short-Term Visa Requirements | Apply Online 

Angola Tourist Visas
Angola Visas for tourism; leisure, sport, cultural activities.
Angola Tourist Visa Requirements |Apply Online
Angola Transit Visas
Angola Visas for stopover in Angola.
Angola Transit Visa Requirements |Apply Online
Angola Work Visas
Angola Visas for temporary authorized employment, for public or private companies.
Angola Work Visa Requirements |Apply Online
Angola Residence Permit Visas
Angola Visas for to establish residency in Angola.
Angola Residence Permit VisaRequirements | Apply Online
Angola Temporary Stay VisasAngola Visas for  humanitarian reasons, mission for a religious institution, scientific research, companion/family member of the holder of a Study Visa, Visa for Medical Treatment, Privileged Visa, Work Visa, family member of the holder of a valid residence permit, spouse of an Angolan national.
Angola Temporary Stay VisaRequirements | Apply Online
Angola Privileged VisasImplementation of the approved investment, in accordance with the Private Investment Law.
Angola Privileged VisaRequirements | Apply Online
Angola Student Visas
To enrol educational programs in primary/secondary public of private schools or vocational schools or studies for obtaining an academic degree, to take an internship in public of private companies.
Angola Student Visa Requirements |Apply Online
Angola Visa For Medical Treatment
To undergo medical treatment in a public of private medical unit.
Angola Visa For Medical TreatmentRequirements | Apply Online

The Consular Section of the Embassy of Angola in the UK has the authority to accept visa applications for all citizens legally residing in the United Kingdom of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) and Ireland. Non-EC citizens legally resident in the UK must present a passport stamped with a visa granted by the Foreign Office (UK) and with a minimum of six (6) months validity (the visa).


Nationals of all countries except Namibians have to apply for a visa.

Passports must have a validity of at least nine (9) months and two (2) blank pages;

You are encouraged to submit your Angola visa applications at least four weeks before the date of intended travel to Angola. The usual processing time at the Angola Embassy is 15 working days. Long stay visas will take longer to be processed and decided.

If you are using our Angola visa standard submission service only, it is essential that you fully complete the form, answering all questions and providing all requested documentation as described on this website. Failure to submit the above information may result in rejection of your request.

We can not be responsible for the loss of your travel arrangements should the embassy take longer than expected and we advise not to confirm travel arrangements or purchase an airline ticket prior to obtaining your visa.

You will be refused and you will be banned from entering Angola for 10 years if you use a false document, lie or deny relevant information. The ban applies if Angolan immigration laws are violated. Travelers who produce a travel document or a false passport to the Angolan immigration authorities be for him/her and/or their children are committing a crime. Persons found guilty of this crime can be sentenced to a sentence of two years imprisonment or a fine (or both).

Visitors remaining in Angola beyond their authorised visa duration are subject to overstaying penalties (US$200,00 per day) and will have extremely difficulties to obtain another visa in the future.

Travellers whose international immunization cards do not show inoculations against yellow fever within the past ten years may be subject to exclusion, on-the-spot vaccination, and/or heavy fines. It is illegal to carry local currency out of Angola and anyone attempting to carry local currency out of Angola will have this currency confiscated by customs officers.


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